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Treadmill Running Workouts - Thirty Minute Speed Workout

One of the biggest roadblocks to achieving your fitness goals is a phenomenon known as plateauing. Simply put, it means you've hit the wall with your workout routines. You keep doing the same things week after week and your progress stalls.

The best way to overcome the plateau factor is to change your workouts frequently. With a strength training workout, every six weeks or so is sufficient. With treadmill workouts though, you will want to change your routines more frequently.

Our treadmill class instructor gives us a new workout every two weeks. This prevents your body from getting used to one particular routine, thereby eliminating boredom and constantly challenging the body to adjust. Our latest workout is a thirty minute speed program. It is ideal for runners but can easily be adapted for walkers too. Let's take a closer look...

The goal of this program is to warm you up relatively quickly and get you right into an endurance type workout. Run or walk the entire 30 minutes at 1% incline. We always recommend using a 1% incline instead of having the treadmill flat because 1% simulates normal outdoor running and walking conditions. Here we go...

Minutes 0-5: This is your warm up. For best results, walk the first three minutes and then break into a slow, easy jog. Here's a rule of thumb for speed. Let's say your top pace is six miles per hour. Your warm up pace should be slightly more than half that, so for this example, roughly 4 mph. So, for your warm up, your last two minutes should be a n easy jog of 4 to 4.5 mph. Of course, if you go faster and want to, go ahead.

Minutes 5-10: Now you are warmed up, so let's get close to your working speed. Figure out your top pace and run.5 mph slower. Using the example above with a 6 mph top pace, that means you will be running for five minutes at 5.5 mph.

Minutes 10-13: OK, now go up to your top pace for three minutes.

Minutes 13-15: Back off your top pace.5 mph for two minutes. This is known as an active recovery. You aren't cooling down here, you are just actively recovering so you can put forth the necessary effort in the next segment.

Minutes 15-20: Increase your speed back to your top pace for five minutes.

Minutes 20-22: Take two minutes of active recovery by reducing your speed.5 mph.

Minutes 22-27: Another five minutes at your top pace. Final big push for this workout!

Minutes 27-30: Cool down and finish.


This thirty minute speed workout isn't complicated, but it is highly effective. By building in the two minute recovery periods, you are setting yourself up for success during the five minute top pace segments.

Use this workout as a break from incline programs and flat ground running at constant speeds. Your body will be challenged and you will be that much closer to your fitness goals!

If you are looking for more fun and challenging treadmill running workouts, we've got them for you! Visit us today for more incline, interval, running, and walking programs to help you finally achieve your fitness goals. You'll find us at:

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Speed Workouts: Want to Improve Your Running Speed?

Do your exercise routines include speed workouts? If you are not, then you are missing out on a big opportunity and could be finishing your next race much quicker.

One desire is shared by most experienced runners, and that is the desire to run faster. And, like anything in life, especially sports, there is always room for improvement.

The following five exercises are great for those who want to improve the race time for their next competition. Add these workouts to your cross training plan, and you will be on your way to running faster, and will see results quickly. Let's break these down in great detail...

Fartlek runners are common amongst those who are serious about running speed training.

It essentially is used to describe a workout which is extremely intense for brief periods, followed by periods where the athlete rests.

Fartlek runs are great for many reasons. They improve your strength, endurance, and most importantly, your speed!

To get started, choose a marker along your normal running route (like one subdivision block, or every stop sign). The idea is to run at full speed until you reach your first marker. Make this distance not too long. One block is enough.

After completing the first block, decrease your speed to a walking pace. Keep this pace until you reach the next marker, no more than 3 minutes. You should repeat these two steps, alternating each time. Do this 5-8 times, and you will be exhausted.

Hill workouts definitely allow you to get the most bang for your exercise buck. This not only improves your speed. Believe it or not, you will improve your overall fitness and health, too.

Make sure that you are warm before starting your speed workouts on hills.

You can do these exercises anywhere - the local park, or take a drive to an open space. Locate a hill that is of medium size and will be a challenge to run up.

Starting at the base, jog up to the top of the hill at an easy pace. Once you reach the top, turn around, and walk down. Once at the base, turn around, and sprint back to the top. After completing this, walk back down to the start. Do this 10-20 times, or until tired. You should be exhausted.

Lunges are a great workout for runners even if running faster is not a top priority for you. Lunges are a super overall body workout. You will feel the burn throughout your entire body. You will not only improve your strength, but your stride will be noticeably improved too.

Begin your lunge by stepping forward with your right leg. Make sure that your front knee does not overextend but stays behind your toes. The left knee will be at a right angle. Adjust your stride so that it is comfortable and does not hurt. Use your right leg to pull your body weight forward and bring your left foot along your right foot. Repeat with each leg 25 times before resting for one minute. Do two more sets of lunges in total.

To increase the intensity of your lunges, try doing these with weights.

Tempo runs are also recommended for speed workouts. This is a great technique that is awesome at getting results.

For the best results, start your fast runs at five minutes, and slowly increase that time each week.

Begin your run at an easy pace for 8 minutes. After 8 minutes, speed up to a difficult but tolerable pace that you can keep for 5 minutes. You will return to the easier running pace after this time is up. Continue alternating the run pace a total of four times.

Stairs are the final tool used to improve your race speed. The beauty of stairs is that they are readily available in almost any location.

The trick is to be adventurous and use your imagination! They can be found in gyms, buildings, or even at a community college near your home.

Find a set of stairs, preferably with at least 20 steps, and a rail. Start your speed training by jogging up the first set of stairs. Once at the top, walk back down, using the rail for support. After reaching the bottom again, do another set by jogging back up. Walk back down. Continue jogging up and down for a half hour, or as your fitness permits.

If you employ these techniques into your regular running workouts, you will be in great shape. In addition to the quicker speed, you will notice your body is stronger, and you can run for longer periods of time.

Use any combination of these suggested workouts in your running training regimen. Find which one you prefer. The best part of employing running speed training in your workouts is the results that you will definitely see.

Get more advice on how to improve your speed workouts.

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